What does App Units mean in the UIPath Apps

1/ The measure of calculating is ambiguous here. the license says, 5000 App units but doesn’t mention how this is calculated.
2/ And for such kind of questions, how do I reach out to the UiPath Sales team while I am using only community version.

Any help is highly appreciated.
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  1. UiPath App Units are consumed based on concurrent users, the duration of time the App is opened. This means that the more users are using the app at the same time, the more App Units will be consumed. However, the exact calculation might be complex and could vary based on specific conditions. For a more precise understanding UiPath support or sales team are the right people.
  2. To reach out to the UiPath Sales team, you can visit the Contact Us page on the UiPath website.

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UiPath App Units are consumed based on Concurrent Users; monitor user interactions to estimate and analyze license requirements.

Consumption is dependent on the Apps opens , it is independent of duration of time the App is opened

  1. It is calculated based on App opens. Every App opens count as 0.5 App unit. It is independent of any number of pages opened in App per session
    App session depends on browser session time limit
    There is no rollover per month currently
    Metering and Reporting is available via Support ticket but should be visible in dashboard soon

@udit.chandna - First of thanks for crisp and clear response. For my better understanding I will take an example.
So, if I have 10 users who have access to the app and 2 people open it at 12 pm & 1 person opens at 2pm and all of them keep it open till 8PM.

For this scenario based on your response, the app units consumed is 3.
Is my understanding correct here?

Its 13 app launches/ opens

Every app open per user is counted as 0.5 app units consumed
So for 13 app launches it 6.5 app units

Session will not be till 8 pm
It may expire in between for non usage, so any app launch/action app opens beyond session expiry would be counted again as new app launch / app open so 0.5 unit again consume

One correction above

1 app open is 0.5 app unit consumption