How can I calculate AI Units used by a process?

Hello UiPathers!

I know I can get AI unit consumption metrics at the tenant level from the Licenses panel. I have multiple teams on the tenant with their own folders and user groups. I can get user license metering information for each team by counting the number of users in each group.

Is there a similar way to obtain AI unit consumption for each “group”? If process X located in the “Finance” folder is using 50 AI units per execution and runs 20 times per month, I’d like to be able to get a metric from UiPath that says that the “Finance” team used 1,000 AI units for the month.

I can’t see how to get that fine-grained level of data from the UiPath User Interface nor the Swagger API. Any help?




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There is no direct metric whoch provides the exact detail…but you can try levaraging this as formulate a metric to get the details…atleast a ball parked value