AI Units consumption dashboards released in Public Preview

AI Units is a license that is used by multiple UiPath AI products and services in order to measure their consumption. Check the docs here on general AI Units information.

Since each service has their own features that consume AI Units, it was quite cumbersome for customers to figure out the consumption of AI Units in general.

:loudspeaker: That is why we are now releasing in Public Preview a most awaited feature - AI Units Overview consumption dashboards.

Today we are releasing the first two AI Units overview dasboards:

  • Organization level AI Units consumption, which displays an overview of the number AI units consumed by each tenant.
  • Tenant level AI Units consumption, which displays the usage pattern of AI units specific to an individual tenant.

:scroll: Documentation

:high_brightness: Highlights of consumption information:

  • All UiPath Enterprise customers will be able to access these dashboards by enabling Insights service on their tenants. Insights is available to all customers in read-only mode, but customers that purchased Insights will also be able to edit the dashboards if needed.
  • The Tenant level AI Units consumption displays detailed consumption information per Orchestrator folder or per Automation. The Automation can be an Orchestrator process that executed in that tenant or maybe an API automation. In the case of API automation you will see the AppId, not the process name.

:information_source: As this is a Public Preview release, the AI Units dashboards have some limitations as stated below:

  • The dashboards only display consumption information starting the 1st of July, where AI Units have been consumed using Document Understanding and AI Center - other services will be onboarded soon (Task Mining, Process Mining, Communications Mining).
  • The consumption data has a delay of up to 24h. This means that if you consumed some AI Units today, you may see this particular consumption data in the dashboards in up to 24h.
    For real time consumption data please check the Admin - Licenses page in your organization.
  • This feature is not available in Community or Free plans, as there is no AI Units consumption for these plans
  • In order to see data from Organization level AI Units consumption dashboard, please make sure to have Insights enabled on any tenant that has the same region as your Organization.
  • You may see several “Unknown” values in the dashboards. We are looking to fix them by the time we GA the dashboards, but please make sure to check the documentation in order to find the possible causes. For example, Studio debug execution consumes AI Units, but since there is no Orchestrator process created, it is currently displayed as Unknown. Or if you are using the Document Understanding public endpoints you may see Unknown in the dashboards.

:raised_hands: This is a highly requested feature and we wanted to release it in Public Preview as soon as possible in order to get feedback from you and improve the dashboards until GA. We want this feature to help our customers, so please reach out either by replying to this post or directly via a support ticket with any inquiries and feedback you may have on this topic.

:rocket: The two overview dashboards are the first to be released. In the next releases we are planning to release even more dashboards, starting with Document Understanding AI Units consumption dashboards, where you will see the consumption per project for example and continuing with specific dashboards for each of the AI services (AI Center, Communications Mining, Task Mining, Process Mining).