What are .FCDOT files in IntelligentOCR Activities?

Hello All ,

I am going through UIPATH.INTELLIGENTOCR.ACTIVITIES ,i found in example workflows they are using .FCDOT files along with intelligent ocr activities for document extraction.Can someone explain what are these .FCDOT files how do we get into our workflows.what is the use of these.Please find reference link which i am quoting

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Hi @praveenmallepu

I hope you’ve found an answer to this already, or otherwise, hopefully this answer still helps you.

The .FCDOT file extension belongs to ABBYY FlexiCapture software (specifically its document definition template files).

how to create .fcdot files (which is used in flexi capture data extraction)

Please take a look at this already solved thread, with a tutorial video to assist: