I am using Intelligent OCR activities for the PDF extraction , just wanted to know about “FlexiCapture_Extractor Activity” , where it requires input file.So do I need to create one with .FCDot extension like “Invoices.fcdot” under the same directory or anything else is required for it.

Hello @Joji ,

To use the FlexiCapture activities, you need to:

  1. install and license Abbyy FlexiCapture
  2. build definition files (.fcdot files) using the Abbyy FlexiCapture tools (FlexiLayout Studio, Admin Station etc).
  3. pass the list of definition files as input to the activity (as an array of file paths to the fcdot files).
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Thank you @Ioana_Gligan

@ Ioana_Gligan
Will that be ok if I can use Abby flexi capture Studio for creating the template that in turn save with .afl extension & for further converting into .fcdot extension I can use process document activity ?

@Joji please try to use the sample flow below:

It uses both FlexiCapture (with one document definition) as well as the beta Machine Learning Extractor for extracting information from invoices and receipts. It should give you a good start on your journey.