Data Extraction Scope - Error - IntelligentOCR

Im trying to build a demo for a client and run IntelligentOCR activities to Classify documents and complete Extraction.

I am getting errors in the DataExtractionScope using FlexiCapture Extractor, Error is regarding the fcdot file.

“Data Extraction Scope: Input definition file not found: PurchaseOrders.fcdot”

Do I need an ABBY license to run this successfully or with studio license suffice?

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Yah we need Abby license to be bought and installed if we use that ocr
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So there is no way to use the document scrapping activities in IntelligentOCR without a license of Abby?

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Use Machine Learning activity instead of flexicapture.

Got any samples to look at that work?

I saw i can use Regex Based Extractor as extractor and not flexicapture… Any good documentation besides the UiPath basic info? Or any supporting docs for how i can extract.

You can also create custom extractors if you want and use those instead!

yeah that works, any supporting documentation on that?

Look at this.
You will need to install package MachineLearning Extractor and Intelligent OCR Activities. (3.1 MB)

Hi I was going through your workflow. I have few doubts:

  • What is the info to be entered in right hand side of the image below. From where are we getting it?

  • Will it get auto-trained after one time manual extraction during present validation station

the info is the keywords for the activity knows what you want extract, typing “invoice-no”, actvity knows you want extracts the number of invoice for example :slight_smile: more info about this here :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, we can’t train the model personally, but appears in the future this will be possible, the validation station is for you see if all it’s ok or indicate some values that wasn’t extracted :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks , But is it possible to add additional fields, lets say I want to extract Address from the invoice. Is it possible?

Yes, if you take a look at the init of the link that I sent to you, it shows to you the keywords that you need to use for extract the billing address, shipping address for example :slight_smile:

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That worked thanks.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: