Uipath Integrated OCR

Hi Everyone,

How to use to Flexicapture Extractor and Flexicapture Classifier in Intelligent OCR.
I have installed Abby Flexicapture Distributed Trial License.
Can we able to use .afl file instead of .fcdot file as flexicapture Definition files?

@pn1 flexicapture definition files are fcdot files.
You can use afl files to create fcdot file in ABBYY flexicapture distributed.

  1. Open project setup station and create a project.
  2. then go to project–> Document definition–>New–>semi-structured or unstructured documents
    3)click on load flexilayout and select the afl file.
  3. next
  4. Finish
    your fcdot file will be ready for use.