What appens if computer go down and a long running process is on status Resume?

i need to ask a question about long running process. if my long running process has a resume status because is waiting for action to be completed from user and machine shut down/ or restart because of an update, it will my process fails? or it remains on resume status? And how long does a process could stay on resume status?

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The purpose of Long Running workflows is to give teams/organisations the ability to involve a #human_in_the_loop without a robot having to stop working altogether.
Please read about the Orchestration Process here:

It is ideal to run a long running process from Studio only for debugging. In a real world scenario, a long running process would run from Orchestrator (typically unattended) and the process creates an action, waits for completion and resumes automatically.
The ‘Resume’ feature in Studio is available so as to emulate the unattended experience while the process is being developed or tested.

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In addition to what @RPAForEveryone has mentioned.

When long run process are are executed from Orchestrator, if a business user responds to the actions or when the status of the process changes from Suspended, the job starts only when the bot (machine) is available, process fail is unlikely

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Thanks for answer me back! just to be sure, process will not fail if machine isn’t available? right?
And could you answer to the other question? How long a process could stay on Resume status? 24h?

I really don’t know how long it would wait, but based on my experience with cloud orchestrator the job would wait until a bot is available