Process stuck in Resumed state

I have several jobs stuck in Resumed state and the jobs cannot be killed or stopped in any way I could think of. It causes an issue, because I need to update the underlying process, and it cannot be touched because of the pending jobs.

The stuck state is over 24 hours.

Is there a way to kill job, remove process or anything?


Points regarding Process and Jobs

  1. By default, any process can be edited while having associated running or pending jobs.
  2. If the Robot becomes unresponsive (the robot machine is down, or the Robot Service
    crashes) during job execution,
    After reconnecting, it restarts the execution of the jobs that were running during the crash.
  3. A suspended job can only be resumed if certain requirements have been met. Only after the
    requirements have been met, resources are allocated for job resumption, then having the job
    resumed and executed as usual.
  4. Long-Running Workflows → This feature is only supported for unattended environments.
    Starting a long-running process on an Attended Robot is not supported as the job cannot be
    killed from Orchestrator nor can it be effectively resumed.

So restart everything and continue with your execution.

Thank you, point 4 is the case. From whatever reason the only available license was attended, grabbed the process and now it is stuck indefinitely (4 days and counting, nothing really resolved it). In the end I pushed the package under new process, so not a big deal, but a bit embarrassing not to be able to kill or anyhow touch a running piece of code, when demoing to a client.



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