Long Running Work flow - UiPath.Persistence.Activities Time limit to Resume activity


Do anyone know what is the time limitations for [UiPath.Persistence.Activities] to Resume a job from ‘Suspended’ state?

Suppose a job is in Suspended status and waiting for an action to be completed from Action Center, so how long the user can leave an Action in the ‘Actions’ list and leave the associated thread job to be in suspended state? Is there any limitation for this scenario in Action Center/ [UiPath.Persistence.Activities] ?


Below are the points to be considered

  1. By default, the job will be in Suspended state and Resumed once the action
    is completed.
  2. Yes there is a time limitation/provision using “Resume After Delay” activity.
  3. “Resume After Delay” activity → Suspends the execution of the workflow
    and resumes it at a specified date and time.
  4. You can specify the Date and Time at which the workflow should be
  5. Refer this → https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/resume-after-delay

Hi Karuna,

Thanks for your reply and details on the [Resume After Delay].

I do understand that we can use this [Resume After Delay] activity where the process needs explicitly defined time to wait and resume.

However my question is without this activity [Resume After Delay], by default how long the job status will be in suspended status unless the ‘Actions’ are marked as completed in ‘Action Center’ to resume for the suspended job.

So is there any default limitation(Wait and Resume Job) for this Persistence activity defined in the UiPath?


Refer this


Hi Karuna,
Thanks for your reply.
I do understand on the ‘Resume After Delay’ activity which we can explicitly define the waiting time for the job to resume.
And also i have gone through the best practices reference which you have mentioned above and also 1000 actions limitation point.

However my question is on your point 1( 1. By default, the job will be in Suspended state and Resumed once the action is completed.),
where the UiPath’s Persistence Activity has any limitation for time to wait for the job to failed/Abandoned, if the Action is not completed for very long time.


As per my understanding, The Persistence Activities pack has been developed as part of the Human In The Loop concept.

The long running workflows can only be built via “Orchestration Process Template”. with default Persistence Activities pack.

The Persistence Activities built in such a way that the job remains in suspended state, no matter how long its in suspended state but once the action is completed it will resume automatically and the job status is changed from Suspended to Resume.

Reach out “Forum Staff” for more clarification.

Alright thanks Karuna