Week 1: Understand what you can automate

It’s not natural to think of tasks so granular, but it’s important to understand how robots process them. An important tool here is a pen and a paper.

Do you find it helps?What other situations require defining steps at such a small level? And, if possible, would you automate them?

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So far StudioX has been great!


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Very nice exercise! Like it! :slight_smile:

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Good exercise to show the importance of mapping the Robot Path. Precision is key when creating the Bot as it can only do what to “tell” it to and without proper mapping of the process the automation my fail.

Actually it’s quite logical to have the steps as granular as possible, otherwise you will not be able to translate it to a Robot. The example is quite useful, also the Double UI app can help with mimiking the use of an ERP app.

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Every time I complete a task, I get more and more exited. The Robot Path exercise, more than a task was an eye opener. Really cool!!

Thanks for the detailed exercises! Learning more by doing.

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This one was really fun, especially since I had to opportunity to go back and try to identify a mistake. I kept looking at the e-mail that did not leave the drafts folder, until I realized I forgot to uncheck the Save to drafts box.

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