Website offset after using Type Into activity


I recently started learning UI Path, and encountered following problem with “Type Into” activity in my bot.

Bot is going through list of names, clicking “info” button next to the name, picking up information from pop-up window, closing it, and typing it into field between sell and buy button - as on screenshot below.

Unfortunately, after typing in for the 4th time, some kind of vertical offset of the whole page occurs (looks like it is scrolled down a little). Bot is unable to correctly continue with the task. I’m unable to scroll down and bring the website to original state even after stopping execution and trying manually. This has to be somehow connected to type into activity, as disabling this step resolves the problem for the rest of execution.

There are some workarounds I could do, like refreshing the page after typing into each field, but I’m looking for more efficient solution.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Karol_Dworakowski

Your use case looks very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

So basically you are trying to Buy and Sell scrips if I’m not wrong.

Before jumping into UiAutomation I want o first check if there is an API available as that will be more reliable and fast compared to UiAutomation.

And wrt trading it’s all about timely execution with high success rate is much needed I believe.

Kindly for your thoughts.


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Hi @Nithinkrishna

Yes, basically that is what I’m trying to achieve. I’m sure this could be done via API, even if on another service than XTB. However, I am preparing this project to showcase my RPA skills to potential employers, thus wanted to finish it with UiAutomation as planned from the beginning.

Okay np, Now let’s discuss on the UiAutomation issue.

So you are facing issue while you wanna buy ?

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Hello @Karol_Dworakowski

Is it happening only for few items? You have mentioned the issue happened in the 4th iteration.
Will it be possible to share the details that you are trying to Type into.


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I recorded execution in debug mode so you can see exactly when this happens. In this case, the offset appears during type into activity for ETHEREUM. I manually added some values at the beginning so you can see that it fails to type in values after that, even though field is recognized correctly.

I actually created workaround, however this problem keeps appearing in other areas of automation I am trying to create and for now creates some annoying limitations, which I decided to ingnore for now and keep working on further functionality and might come back to this later.