Webhooks Feature in Uipath Orchestrator

Hi All,

I am learning uipath orchestartor and recently came across Webhook feature available in uipath. I have checked already few documents available on it.

As far as I understand we need to configure web.config file with following settings. But in my recent orchestrator licence, I am not able to find this.

  • Webhooks.Enabled - By default, it is set to true . This setting enables you to enable or disable the webhooks feature. If set to <add key="Webhooks.Enabled" value="false" /> , the feature is disabled.

Anyone has any solution, how to enable webhooks in community edition and Enterprise solution licence versions of Orchestrator?

Hi @Prajakta23,
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Have you checked here?

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Hey Pablito,
Thanks for your comments. It got resolved as just need to upgrade the version of orchestartor. I was trying to configure webhook feature in orchestartor 2018.3.3

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