Webapplication data table extraction

Hi @Dominic @arivu96 @aksh1yadav @ddpadil ,

My requirement as below:

  1. By default it should go to SEL and select empty field in List (List contains Y,N,Empty field)
  2. it should check OT/ORDER/QTY is equal to other variable( nb of lines may vary )
  3. if its matching it should go to SEL list and select Y and click OK

I have tried to do data scrapping but am not able to select as table. and Selectors also remain same when i click different SEL box.
Selectors for List:

Hi @Lawrance_A, have you tried using UiExplorer to identity any attribute that indicates different row and cell?

Hi han,

How to use ui explorer?

Hi @Lawrance_A, it will be an icon in your UiPath studio.