How to Extract Data Table if the selector altern all times on start the computer

I have one assignment, but she not find the data table from web, after restart my computer.

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make sure that the selector if having any dynamic values in its attributes it is been replaced with wildcard symbol *
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Use UiExplorer to try to identify any similarities between selectors each time you restart computer…

You can fine tune the selector to make it dynamic.

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Validation does not work on the page, it has the same error in both browser and table extraction.

Hi, this selector is not having any attribute related to the table or data grid
It is just having browser information
Please try data scraping once again

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Use UiExplorer to look at better selectors :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

Some web applications are use auto-generation code for new information such a tables (or what look like tables) so this is why the selectors will change each time.

Can copy and paste the full selector of the datatable and we can take a look to help you :smiley:

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After scraping data when it brings everything right, but after rebooting the computer happens to no longer work, as I said in the topic.

how should i use full selector?

Hi, i guess , you are looking at ‘attach browser’ activity which get created by default with data scraping

Please look at the selector of extract data activity inside attach browser

It is the selector
He don’t change.

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