Dynamic Selector Issue - Migrating from IE to Edge


I am having an issue with a dynamic selector. This was previously working in IE Explorer, when I rebuilt the application for Edge the application broke.

What I need to do: I need to download each new file from a list

I extract a data table and count the new records
The robot downloads the first file for the number of new occurrences.
The robot does not download the next new file.

I know this is a dynamic selector issue and I am stumped as to how to fix it.

Here is an update.

I need to replace ‘2’ with my indexing variable ‘UIRowIndex’
This will allow my bot to work down a list downloading items dynamically
Whenever I try my selector using the variable, the selector will not validate.

I receive an error that the variable is out of scope.


Open this selector in uiexplorer and send us the snap



Remove the css selector.

Follow the steps to remove the css selector.

Click on the last node on the selector editor panel and remove the css selector.

Pass the variable name at table row.

If you pass the variable to that selector it will show you invalid.

But this will works fine on run time.

Save it and run it.


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Thank you but when I choose my variable, I still receive an error.


Yes, as i already told you that. This will show you as selector invalid.

But this will work in run mode.

Just debug it you’ll get to know



You’re probably getting a warning because you didn’t assign a value to your variable.

Can you try assigning a value to the variable?

Also be careful not to use the css selector. You can also try to select the selector more internally so that it can see the Aaname field.