Web Scrapping of Unstructred website

Hi everyone,

I am newbie to UiPath and have started exploring and working on it recently. I am able to web scrape a structured website (like Amazon, Flipkart) but i wanted to extract the data from a unstructured website (“https://www.jain-foundation.org/patient-physician-resources/physician-referrals”) where I need country wise data in different tabs of excel and under one country tab, I need 4 columns - “Doctor Name”, “Address”, “Telephone Number”, “Fax”.

Can anyone please help me out? Thanks in advance!!

Hello @kumarmanjeetcr7

yes you can do this job

  1. first you have to get the link for Doctors available in the list. there will a unique link for all the doctors

  2. after getting the links use for each activity and navigate to each doctor link and get the data from the website
    as i saw data is almost structured and we get it using data scrapping