Csv file problem

i’m trying to take data from website and using “get full text”, i have done doing “build data table” and “write csv”, but the problem is the location of information in excel

the location must be:
Nama: Tri Susanto
Alamat: Sarijadi 12
No. telepon: 852208xxxxx
No. Internet: 456xxx

sorry, can’t share the file


I think something is wrong with the way you have scraped data.
Use data scraping and try it.

Thank you

i’ve try data scrapping but the problem is i only need a few information in every page that has same subject

and if I use data scrapping and take “Nama” in page 1 and page 2 it will show error message box “Cannot find all pattern elements”

Hi @Amarruf

I think Data Scraping will only work for tables that are on the same page. In your situation I would use Build Data Table activity to create your Data Table and then scrap each page manually with a Get Text activities for each field.

i’ve done that, but the result is all data that i got only from page 1 even i have open 3 page

I believe you need to switch the tabs and recheck that your selectors are different on all pages. In case the selector is the same for all elements, it might have an extra id='1' element that you could increment to scrap data from consecutive pages (a dynamic selector where the 1 is replaced with a variable).