Count data rows including the NextLinkSelector

Hi there,

i am trying to count data rows on a website and the workflow should run to the next page.
First of all, i use Try Catch Activity. Inside, i put Click Activity to click on Details as you can see in the following picture:


I noticed that by clicking on the first Details, it considers the heading as the first table row, that is why i set i = 2 as the first table row. Then i made it as a dynamic selector for the Activity. See the following Bild:

When the Workflow realize that there is a next page, i used a Click Activity to Click on arrow Next ( See the following Picture)

and a made an Assign that he should restart consider the first Table row of these next page as 2. And he should finally click on Details.

Now the issue is at this point: he can’t stay on the new page, but he goes back on the first page.
How can i get a solution please?

is their any specific reason to use this way , as you use the table extraction and later you can count the rows using assign activity



if your requirement is to extract data from each page of a website then we can do that DATA EXTRACTION which can avoid all these clicks of next pages

Would recommend to have a view on this doc of how to use this activity

Cheers @ANGE

Hi @Palaniyappan thanks for your reply. I already use Data extraktion . Now the Problem is, i should click on each rows to get specific informationen.

Hi @LAKSHMI_NARAYANA_PEMMASAN , yes, after scraping the data, i should click on each rows to get specifics informationen.

have you checked for each ui element ,

you can use do while activity as well

once the page is completed you can check for next button and if present click on it

and same repeats



Hi @LAKSHMI_NARAYANA_PEMMASAN i only have For Each Workflow as Activity. It’s the same like For Each Uielement?

it is different ,

refer below thread for details

you will get an idea of for each uielement



Looks like the selector you are using is redirecting it to first page…

Can you check the selector of click and also can you show the loop and vbrowser activity…mostly browser activity might be redirecting…

Try changing the selector to not include any first page details


Hi @Anil_G Thanks for your reply. Can i send you the link in private? Because it’s an internal project.


Yes please …If I can access I can look into it


How can i write you in private please?


You can click on my name it would show message option click on it