Web scraping for details, not a list / table?

Hey All,

Apologies if this is obvious, have not been able to find anywhere. UiPath has good screen / web scraping for when is list of same elements on a page e.g. a list of products on a page that all have the same identifier, xpath / html tag.

I have situation where I want to scrape a profile of a company for example with 20 / 30 different attributes layed out on one page, save each of those elements as a column title, and paginate through a directory and build a table with each page as a row, and the columns being the various data points (that all have different tags on the same page, but are consistent across different pages)

Right now I have been going through laborious process of copying text and using UI explorer to find an element, which is a real pain compared to the screen scraping wizard.

below is a link to a profile on tesla for example, the tags on the page are all different, but if I want to scrape another page, the tags will be the same, so can paginate through and create a really valuable table of all these companies.


Any suggestions for process / tool to use?


Hi @tsigs

I really liked your idea on how to extend the functionality of the Data Scraping wizard. I moved your topic to the User Voice/Ideas category so that other users can voice their opinion :slight_smile: