Web scraping all images from multiple very different websites

I have a long list of web pages that i would like to get all images from (preferably into a spreadsheet with URLs to each image, but could also be downloaded to folders for each site). No other info is needed, just the pictures.

The webpages are very different, here are some examples:

tapasamor .dk
cafesundet .dk
marketenderiet .com

Can a free version of UiPath do this?

I dont know if its better to just use a Chrome extension to download photos from each website manually. That would take about 10 hours, but I figure it would also take some time to set this up via UiPath Studio (knowing I need to install it first).

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!

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While I’d rather use another tools but it might be a fun exercise.

As you’ll give the pages (and not the task to find all images from a site), you could read your list of webpages, iterate over it:

  • navigate to the page
  • find relevant children (at first glance “” but you might have background, etc.)
  • extract the url from children (handling absolute and relative path). you can keep for
  • download image into related folder (with HTTP Request activity with download ressource On, for example)
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Thank you msan for your reply.

I’m new to UiPath, so unfortunately what you are suggesting doesn’t make sense :frowning:

You mention that you would use another tool, what would that be?

Below, links to how to use wget for images [1] and how to get wget for windows [2]

[1] wget images from site - Google Search
[2] GNU Wget 1.21.3 for Windows

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Thank you, I will look into that.

Update: I’ve found out that I need all photos as a URL instead of an actual file.

That could be solved by either scraping the URL of each image on each web page somehow (any ideas?)
Downloading all images, and thereafter upload it somewhere, giving each photo a unique URL

Update: I’ve found a chrome extension called FIFU Scraper, which seems ok


If you need URL only, FindChildren with GetAttribute activities should do the trick.


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