Download multiple files from a website

Hi all, I have a trouble on downloading a lists of items. I dont want to click it one by one as there are over 50 items I need to download. Would anyone like to share with me? Thank you!


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Hi @raymondhui

Did you try to use Data Scraping wizard to try and scrap the URLs of those items? It is then possible to download a file by using a simple HTTP request, like here:

See also here for more inspiration:


Perfect! I am trying to scrap data but I would like to ask the command in the If condition. How to write the code of parsing the customer name and then comparing to a customer number.

Thank you.

You can extract complete data using data scraping once it is downloaded then you can use for each row and add if condition to filter or use select method to folder out required data.

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I still have trouble on downloading the pdf. After I tried to open the downloaded pdf it said the file has been damaged.

Also, as the invoice always be uploaded, therefore the url link will be different, how to download the pdf without using url?


You could surface automate your browser:

  1. Navigate to the URL
  2. Save the PDF with a bunch of Click activities
  3. Loop it for all URLs


I have multiple websites with log in details provided in an excel from here i input this into browser and log in fields to download files.

is it possible to do this in 1 flow or do i need to create different process flows for each website? since each website has different way to go about to enter in and download files.



I remember there is a function called dictionaries but I didn’t try before.


Great! thanks Ray, I will do research and work with it.