How to "Save As" several pictures within opened webpage

My goal is to download(Save As) all pictures that exist on a single webpage.

This is an example. What I need to do is to iterate through all pictures and download all of them in a single folder. Anyone have an idea how am I supposed to overcome this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Do you have a sample web page to try?

Can’t provide sample web page, there is sensitive information on webiste :confused:

Hmmm! This would be a bit difficult in that case as there are a zillion possibilities of how your webpage could look like or behave.

Out of what I see, if I have to try starting from somewhere, try doing a data scraping to check if you can get a link to these images. Then open them individually to save them on your folder location.

First thing , is it your images clickable? If yes then make the dynamic selectors accordingly and use Click activity (Right click) with simulated flag unchecked to click on each image.
it should give you save as option.

If you don’t want to make the workflow complex, please ignore this. Just a suggestion.

If you can identify the images or click on those, (usually we have the selectors with some small change for each image on the web page), you can simply use click activity with the hot key holding control (ctrl + click). Then they will open in the new tab. So, you can navigate now to another tab passing the send hot key ctrl + tab and download the image

Is it possible for you to get the Image URL of each of the images and put them in an array using data scraping. And then loop through the array, download and save each image?

@AndyMenon , no, it’s not possible since there is no URL when scraping data.

So, how are the images rendered on the screen if they don’t have any URL?

@AndyMenon there is URL, but website is blocking it - Access Denied
Note: I found URL via UI Explorer, still can’t figure out how to get URLs using Data Scraping.

I don’t know for sure if Data scraping help you directly scrape image off of the website. You can get the image information and then go back to download that images by looping through the URLs that you get into the DataTable using data scraping.

@AndyMenon which activity, or method, do you recommend to find image information?

You might want to explore these?


Did you take one image URL that you found from UI Explorer, plug it into a new browser window and see what comes back?