Web recording got error

I’m trying to record web actions below.
1 open WEB url
2 keyin username
3 keyin password
4 click logon button

I could record without error, but when I run, I got below error.

Source: Type info ‘INPUT UserIdTextBox’
Messge: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
Exception type: SelectorNotFoundException

How could I fix this error?


There are a few things that could cause the error. Please check the Selector property of the Type Into activity that is causing the error. Try and replace text that is too specific with wildcards and also try removing attributes that are not needed (for example, it’s possible that the selector contains the “app” attribute with the value of a browser application, which prevents it from working in other browsers). If you could provide more details that would be great.

Thank you very much.
Please find screenshot of selector Editor in the attachment…

Any advise on this?

How did you open the web page? If you inserted the url in the adress bar you may need to add an Attach Window activity (before the TypeInto activity used for the username) in order to attach to the new window.

Hi florin.stan,

Thanks for your response.
I’ve opened the page by OpenBrowser and specify the URL.

May I know how to add Attach window activity?

I thought maybe you hit the “Record” button, then typed in the url in a new tab and hit enter to open the web page, a transition which would need to be put in an Attach Browser activity preferably or Attach Window. Using Open Browser in this case should be enough though. I’m afraid I don’t know what is causing the error. If the web site you are trying to log in to is public please share the link so I can try recording the steps. Maybe sharing this part of your process would also enable others to find the cause for the error.