Selector not found exception while web recording

Hi I am keep on getting an selector not found exception(cannot find ui element for this selector) when i do web recording .please help me to sort out this isssue

Hey Abisha. To help you with this issue, I’m going to need some more details. For instance - what website were you using? What element were you trying to get the selector for? The more detail you can provide, the better. Uploading your workflow would be really great as well.

Hi Michelle,

I was trying to extract an value from the amazon website and I was using internet explorer.



Hi @Abisha,
Can you try opening Amazon URL by “Open Browser” activity and extract the values from there on and check.

Hey @Anjali , Yea when I use “Open Browser” Activity it works fine. Thanks

Hey @Abisha, can you attach your workflow

hi @Abisha

Use Data scrapping to fetch the values from amazon

Sometimes it doesn’t support web recording due to some slowness
Ashwin S

I had similar issue and figured out that it happens in every web recording session. Post web recording I followed below steps on error prone activity:
edit selector → open in ui explorer → indicate on screen → okay

This helped me to resolve the issue.