Robot works too slow

Hi everyone
IM trying to automate a process in a web software called Priority and for unknown reason the robot and studio are working very slow.
I tried to automate other website and they worked just fine
can someone help with this?

HI @nirr

make some changes in the properties of interactive activities

  • Set timeout milliseconds for all the activities especially for element exists activity if you used.
  • Enable Simulate click or Simulate Type in click and type into activities


hi @nirr

you can always configure the timeout of your activities for debug mode and run mode, you can specify how much second it wil take to perform your activities, the less second your put the lowesr time to perfom everything

modify your run values and debug values (in seconds)


As @Sudharsan_Ka said you can change the activites WaitForReady Property If it is Complete-> Change to Interactive

Also it depends how fast the web software is


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