Web page uses angular variables to display the number I want, do I need ocr?

Here is what the view source looks like from the rendered page:

Current BalanceView Details

{{currentBalance | currency}}

Vested: {{vestedBalance | currency}}

where {{currentBalance | currency}} shows here the page shows a dollar value like $150,000.00 I’m not as familiar with angular as I’d like but a quick search of ng-controller implies that this value is retrieved during final rendering? of the html from an angular controller the holds the variables. since it’s not in the view source HTML do I need to get this through OCR or is there a better way. I have tried simply get text and pointing to it and that get’s other stuff on the page, not the number. I’ve tried various levels of selector with get text to no avail which is when I went to look at the source.

As you might expect, UiPath’s “Get Text” reads text from rendered result. However, sometimes AngularJS shows raw template text when there are lots of stuff to render and taking time finish rendering. (or maybe it depends on browser???) If you are getting text like {{currentBalance | currency}}, then that might be the case.
I tried with custom filter which returns CN “userA” from full DN “cn=userA,ou=FOO,dc=BAR”
" like {{fulldn | cn}}, and it worked.

thanks. I did get it to work with screen scraping and some delay’s to give the page time to render regardless of how busy the internet or web site is.