Extract string/number value from a webpage - Web automation - "Get text" returning blank output

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to extract a value from Google finance webpage. However when I use Get text, It is not retrieving the value from webpage. Can you please let me know what would be the best approach to extract a piece of data from web. Please note it is unstructured.

I have no idea as to why bot scrolls the page down as soon as it opens the brwser/website.
Url : https://google.com/finance

Please find attached the relevant files for reference.

another_try.xaml (15.2 KB)

What is the selector that you tried to get that text?

Hello Karthik,

It’s " <webctrl aaname=’*’ omit:parentid=‘knowledge-finance-wholepage__entity-summary’ tag=‘SPAN’ />".

I have omitted the unnecessary component and generalized aaname attribute.

And another question is , sometimes when bot opens the browser, it scrolls down to the bottom. So the bot isn’t able to type in the “Google Search” field. Do you have any idea as to why it’s happening?

Please find the relevant files in my question post

There are multiple tags in that page. Hence you need to fine tune your selector.
<html title='*Google Search' /><webctrl tag='DIV' class='gsrt' /><webctrl tag='SPAN' /><webctrl tag='SPAN' /><webctrl tag='SPAN' />

For the second issue, where it is navigating to end of the page and unable to type in the Google Search, use set focus activity to set the focus on the search field before typing.

Hello Madhavi,

Thanks for the response. In this case, which attribute do I use for extracting the value? I mean stock price. Apologies if my question is too basic. I could see that attribute for stock price was aaname but now which one do I use?

Use Get text activity and enter the above mentioned selector in the Target > Selector Property. Set a variable to the Output > Value property.
Once this activity is executed, you will get the extracted value in that variable.

Hi Madhavi,

Though I have used Uiexplorer to select template selectors to identify the objects, the bot scrolls down the page automatically as soon as it opens the browser(google finance page).
I have attached my workflow with updated selectors. As the selector was validated successfully, was hoping that it would work.another_try.xaml (15.2 KB)

Can you please let me know how did you generate this selector? I couldn’t find this combination of selector attributes via Uiexplorer? Is there anything that am missing? I was relying on Uiexplorer to generate the selectors and validate them.

@Selvasathappan Instead of using get attribute, you can directly use get text activity.
I have updated your workflow with the fine tuned selector. Please change the input file path. another_try.xaml (18.0 KB)

Hope this works for you.