Web dropdown list's onchange event cannot be triggered, after set it value by 'select item' activity

Hello all,

I have dropdown list in my website. and an onchange event is binding to that dropdown list. I can use the ‘select value’ activity to select the right value. but after it, the on change event will not be triggered.

do you have any idea, solution or workaroud? Thanks a lot

You could try firing OnChange manually using the Inject JS Script activity.

Based here:


“The onchange attribute fires the moment when the value of the element is changed.”

You may try going to the next element (i.e. text field, button) or try adding send hotkey activity (i.e. enter, tab)

Thanks for the advice. finally I got a error message when I change the dropdown list value through Robot:

An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call.

The on change event call a form post method. don’t know if there is any solution.

Trigger the event that updates the onchange attribute. If you’re supposed to hover on a certain button before you click on any item in the dropdown list - use a hover activity and then a click

Thanks, it seems the options of dropdown list cannot he hovered by Uipath selector.

I got a workaround that:

  1. first click the dropdown list to expand the all the options
  2. send hot key : because my options are begin with different numbers, so I send the wanted numbers to the hot key
  3. send hot key:enter

But this is only work for the options begins with the number. Don’t know how to prevent that error message by the normal select item activity.

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