Select Item still fails if the UI element has an onChange

This was reported over 4 years ago. I’m on version 23.4.8 of UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities and it still happens. Using Select Item on a select input that has an onChange event causes the Select Item to eventually fail with an “HRESULT FAIL” COM error.

Hi @postwick

I think there might be something more here, because I’ve just gave it a try on Studio 23.10 and both UIAutomation 23.4.8 and the latest preview 23.10 one.

I tested by using this website:

And it did work in this case on both UIAutomation package versions.

Could you please give it a try on the above website to see if it reproduces on it too? If yes, then it was most likely already fixed. If not, then it might be something more specific that is causing this bug.

In the specific case where it isn’t working for me, the onChange triggers a yes/no prompt to appear which must be cleared. If Yes is clicked, the new value in the SELECT is accepted, if No is clicked, the value is returned to what it was.

It’s a fairly complicated page that is built mostly from javascript. I believe what happens, as explained in the post I linked, is that the change of the value is interrupted by the prompt and UiPath is waiting for some sort of response from the page that confirms the value was changed but doesn’t get that response