Match values

hello guys i need a help
i have fetch values from webpage
and i made a excel which contains data
now i wanna compare them if they match
it should display true or else
how can i do pls help

hi @arjun27

Can you please more specific , do you want to compare scraped values from the web page with the excel data created by you?. If so, is it possible to share the excel file and scrapped web page data here.

1.Build one data Table with similar structure of your Excel table
2. Whatever data you fetched from Website structure that data and add to new data table,
Now you have two data table either you can loop or use select query that will return you row’s which are same. and you can mark them as true by appending new col .


Hi divyashreem
One output is in string
And another one is in datatable
How can i do in this

Yes sure ranjith i will share with u in evening

You can convert your String output as data table.

Hey divyashreem can u give a example workflow as i am new to uipath and a learner
Pls can you

Is it possible for you to provide sample one data row and string you are exatracting.?

Test_Arjun.xlsx (8.9 KB)

DatatableMatch.xaml (35.4 KB)

hello mam i have gave u my workflow and highlight marking is the valus i fetch using selector
and in excel i need to match those with fetch values if it matches then its true or else false

pls help me mam
Thanks and regards

Hi mam
Any idea how can i do


check this DatatableMatch.xaml (17.5 KB)

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