Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <webctrl data-ui-path-top-container='1'/>

I have problem for scrapping data. It took me one day and still no progress.

Which data you are trying to scrape

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Which activity are you using to scrape the data? Get Full Text will work in many cases. For example, if you are extracting data from a field in a dialog box. Else, the Extract Wizard in the Data Scraping tool will help you extract data from a table.

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I am using Data Scraping and get this error. I don’t have errors when using Screen Scraping, but how do I get data and put theme to the excel file?

@Javad_Neisiany Can you send a Screenshot of the Data that you are trying to Scrape ? Is the Data in a Table Format ?


I tried full text and it worked. DO you know how to grab a paragraph and save it to the csv file with same format?

Perhaps the Write Range Activity within an Excel Scope activity may work for this.

@Javad_Neisiany Is that paragraph in a Table Format ? We may have to make it in a Table format, use Generate Data Table for that paragraph data and convert it to a Datatable to write to a CSV file.

But however we would need to look at the data or the format of the data that you want to convert. :sweat_smile: