Web data is not getting stored in Excel file

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My bot is successfully picking up data from Excel sheet and pushing it to Google. for example, “AED to SGD” Fx rate conversion. But, I am not able to download the values in Excel sheet.

I am attaching the files for your reference.

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NitinFX Rate_2020-11-23_02 (1).xaml (13.7 KB)
Fx Rates 18.xlsx (11.2 KB)

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The issue was you didnt include the title of the search results page. SOLUTION:

  1. replace your “Get attribute” activity with “get text” and set the selector to be =

"<html app='chrome.exe' title='"+out_cell_value+" - Google Search' /><webctrl tableRow='3' tag='INPUT' type='number' title='"+out_cell_value+" - Google Search' />"

  1. set OUTPUT value of the gettext activity = str_output

  1. in your write range activity you forgot to add headers