Download data from Web and push it in existing excel sheet/column

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I am trying to create a bot that searches for keywords from an excel sheet, gets the value, and stores that value back to the excel sheet in a different column.

I am all good till picking up values from the excel sheet column and searching them in the browser. But, not able to store the values back to the excel sheet.

I am attaching the data and Uipath file for your reference.


FX Rate_2020-11-23_02.xaml (13.1 KB)
Fx Rates 18.xlsx (13.7 KB)

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I limited your excel file, here is the result

Workflow after correction
FX Rate_2020-11-23_02.xaml (13.6 KB)

For Detailed explanation you can check below
Tutorial : How to Calculate difference between two Time Values using UiPath

Hope this helps you



Thanks @ksrinu070184.

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