Google translate

Hi Everyone,
I want to store this into excel file. Anyone can help me?


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Hi @razu91. Have you tried using GetText activity?

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Thanks, Used get activity but getting result
Can you check my workflow?

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@razu91 Can you attach your workflow.

Hi this is my workflow…
Eng_Word.xlsx (59.8 KB) Main.xaml (19.4 KB)

You might be printing the object name instead of the object value??

@razu91 I guess from the excel sheet2 you are trying to translate from English to Bengali correct me if i am wrong.

yes, You can check any one

Hi, but I can’t getting the exact value. Do you check my workflow?I need the solution.


I just checked your workflow, You were Assigning it but it was not getting added I believe use a Add Data-column Activity and and Add Add Data Row.

Can you upload that once?