Web Data doesn't scrape value for the next page


I’ve scrapped web table data to excel , but when I run the bot it doesn’t scrap the value for next page.

But when that pop up came (is your data spanning across multiple pages), I clicked yes and give the next button…


Can you share URL if it is public, else share the screen you are pointing to


Below is the next button i’m pointing to

my bot data scrapping, here next link selector present

and in excel only 1st page data is there

@chiranjit.saha1 Can you increase the DelayBetweenPagesMS Property value and check if it works ?

i’ve changed to 300ms-800ms, no luck

anyone please?

Can you also increase max number of results and see. Also check the selector of next link with separate click activity.

I changed max number of results to 200 and check the selector twice… it’s same. It doesn’t change the value for second page

@chiranjit.saha1 If it is still a problem maybe you can use a logic around While Activity to process until all the tables in different pages are processed.

it’s still not working…actually I want to process some data in webtable for multiple pages… so for 1st page data got processed but it doesn’t process the data for next page

my workflow looks like this—