In this image, under “OUTSTANDING” there is multiple numbers written one by one. But these numbers are also a link separately

My task is I have to scrape the data from these links. and stored in excel file in only 1 page.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

When you are using data scraping it will even ask you if you want to store the URL of the values if you select that option then the url’s will be stored in the column then you can pass that url into the open browser activity.

Step1: Select the Extract URL option when scraping the data.


Step2: You can use for each row in the data table and get the URL values.
Step3: Use open Browser activity and pass the url value
Step4: Use data scraping to scrape the data and store it in the data table variable
Step5: Use Merge data table activity to merge all the data tables
Step6: Use Write range activity to write all the data into excel.

Hope this works, let me know if you have any issues

@vinithareddyk123 First of all I would like to thank you for explaining the steps in detail.
I have followed the above mentioned steps-
But in output i will get the data of that selected number(link) and it will append the same result again and again.


Can you tell me where am I doing wrong??

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

You mean to say that it is opening the same link (like the number 21)again and again and scraping the same data? Or is it opening all the links?

@vinithareddyk123 It is opening all the links. But I get the same data in Excel again and again.

Okay got it, can you send me your workflow?

FoisProject (part - 2).xaml (32.2 KB)

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

The destination datatable should be different from source, I have updated that part
Please try now and let me know

FoisProject (part - 2).xaml (32.1 KB)

@vinithareddyk123 When i run the bot, it throws following error.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

Make change in the merge data table to your source code and try





@vinithareddyk123 I made the changes. But output is same as before.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar
Sorry my mistake instead of append range use write range activity as we already did the merge of the tables

@vinithareddyk123 I use write range activity. But output is same again.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

It worked for me, Please check again

Remove the content of the output sheet and run again( as you were using append range)

If you want to use append range activity use it immediately after the data scraping (no need to use Merge datatable actitvity)

If you want to use write range then after datascraping use merge datatable activity and make sure you are writing the output of the merge datatable into the write range activity.

Try to initialize your datascraping variable before the datascraping code as ExtractDataTable1 = new Datatable

If this doesn’t work try to debug the code check the output after each datascraping

@vinithareddyk123 Okay, I will check it.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

Did it work?

@vinithareddyk123 , I have followed the exact method which you said. I don’t know but the output I get is the same output as previous day.

Can you send me your updated workflow?

FoisProject (part - 2).xaml (32.1 KB)

Here it is.


You are still using the append range, since we are already merging the table we have to use write range activity remove the append range activity

Please update this and try