Element Exists throughout workflow? - Social Site

Hi All,

I am having some difficulty using the element exists and after that an IF activity.

Basically I am using the site Linkedin to scrape data…the issue is I keep getting thrown to a LinkedIn package premium buy webpage (think Linkedin knows a robot is being used). This happens very randomly sometimes when i log in via the robot, other times when I am searching for things via the robot. Its is a random occurence so i cannot predict this.

The undesired webpage actually only allows me to go back to the start (initial homepage) which is fine as I can just tell the robot to do the whole flow again (i think…)

My question is can I use the element exists in combination with the IF activity throughout the workflow incase the robot is thrown into that webpage and I need to get out of it? Is this at all possible? So basically it can monitor the workflow the whole time to see if that webpage ever occurs?

**Quick note: the undesired webpage sometimes shows multiple times. For instance if I manage to go back to the homepage it throws me back to that undesired page instantly as soon as the homepage has loaded.


Any help or advice on this would be awesome…:sweat_smile: