IF Activity - skipping a step


I’d like your help regarding the If activity:

As you can see in the photo, I used “element exists” in order to check if the pop up comes up or not, if so - the robot will click “approve” and continue with the process. If not - I want the robot to continue the process.

how can I “skip” the “Then” in the if activity?
I want the process to continue running weather the pop up comes up or not.

the pop up doesn’t change the workflow and has no business meaning. moreover, it won’t e seen every time the process will run.


Hi @shachar
Place this condition inside a try part of try catch block, so that if the element exists it will make a click or will proceed with the process
even if the click doesnot work the exception will be caught by catch block and will continue with the process buddy and mention the catch with exception, system.exception
and leave it blank without any process or if want mention a log message activity or a write line activity to let you know that click did not work
hope this would help you
Cheers @shachar

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You just have to leave the “False” section of the IF statement empty.
Meaning that the process will continue its normal flow, if the element is not found.

You can reduce the timeout property of the “Element Exist” activity, if you want to increase the process speed.


were you able to skip this step @shachar

@Palaniyappan yes, managed to do it :slight_smile: thanks a lot

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Cheers @shachar