Element exist check without using if else

can we use element exist check without using if else condition
In out put create variable in exist.Now I need to check this element exist or not without if else condition
The element always exist but some time it take time so using element exist activity I am just check if this link show then it execute next step otherwise wait for exist.I don’t know about any other activity

You have two options to do this @Aditya10989

  1. Using element exists, change the WaitForReady property to COMPLETE so that it will wait until the elements appears
  2. Or, use On Element appears activity which will do the things if the element appears :slight_smile:
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thanks for reply WaitForReady no need to apply if condition

I mean, the activity will wait until the element appears and then it will check the element so that the next process you can move on without using if condition as you said it will always be there @Aditya10989

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@HareeshMR this will help me a lot thanks

@Aditya10989, Please change the timeout of the activity also to some high value. usually it will be 30 seconds.

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