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Hi all, i have a problem in automating a website and i hope you can help me.

i get data about a destination, check-in date and check out date from a file excel. Then i add these data to a queue in orchestrator and so far no problem since in orchestrator i can see the queue with the new items with the Argument name and values i defined.

Then i need to get this queue and open a browser, go to booking.com, typing in the correct fields destination, check-in date and check-out data e click on Search. I solved this problem with Web Recording and with the first element of the queue works fine.
Then i used data scraping attached to the next browser page of booking.com to get name and rating of the first three hotels per each destination and paste them on an excel file.

With the first element of the queueu works ok but then, when it opens the browser on booking.com the SECOND TIME, instead of typing the value of the second queue element it types again the first element.

Can You please help me? here below i attach the data used, the images of my workflow and also the project developed for it. if you may give a look and help me finding the mistake it would be very helpful.





I tried to modify the selectors but i don’t know where is the mistake.

Examtrial.xaml (53.6 KB)

As I can see the problem is that you simply use the variables assigned in sequence called “Excel application scope (getting data)” instead of the transaction values that you populated in Orchestrator. Try to use data coming from the queue element, e.g. in the “Open Browser” activity: transaction.SpecificContent(“Destination”).toString()
Hope it helps!