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Hi all,

Want to know answers for the following questions.

1.How to know the count of all UIelements on a certain web page?

Eg: say Facebook home page.

2.how to skip the particular transaction queue item when the bot is running.
Eg:if there are 10 transactions,we need to skip the 6 th transaction and continue with the remaining 4 transactions?

3.what is the use of get Queue items and what will be the status of those queue items which after we get it from the list of Orchestrator queue?

4.how to work with password protected excel files?
Which activity: workbook activities or excel activities?

Thanks in advance.


Let’s start here…

Hello @Kiran_Kumar ,

For question 1.
If I understand you correctly, you can use the Find Children activity.
Then with the output value, you can make a VARIABLE.COUNT and thus have access to the number of elements.

For question 2.
I need to understand better why you need to skip an item in the queue.
What is the criterion for doing this action?

For question 3.
The queues serve many purposes and I would only be able to give you examples of the ones I use. For example, I use queues for batch processing and also to create the robots’ triggers.
The status of the queue item after obtaining it is in process.

For question 4.
Using an example of reading, you can use the activity Read Range, in it there is a property that can be passed the password.

Hope this helps!

Hi @tainan.ramos ,

For the second question,this was asked by a interviewer to my friend,that he told,the support person in the production environment found " he encountered a transaction item with business validation not meeting the criteria,how would u skip that particular transaction item for not to process."

Thanks for the ansers @tainon.ramos.


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