Web automation activities

How do i ensure that next activity should start after only previous completed with success ? Option other than delay…because each time takes different time to complete activity…and how to force each control to work in background without keeping page open…? So i can work in other tab of browser…? #web automation

Hi there @Swapnil_Meshram,
You can utilise the Element Exists activity to aid in ensuring the screen is in an appropriate state before performing any activities.

They also grant you buffer space, in the event the application is loading, using an intelligent wait.

For example:

Element Exists - Login Screen With Username Input - Output = boolPreCondition
If NOT(boolPreCondition)
    Throw AE
End If
Type Into - Username Input
Type Into - Password input 
Click - Submit
Element Exists - Application With Login Welcome Message - Output = boolPostCondition
If NOT(boolPostCondition)
    Throw AE
End If

The above would be a single component, aiming to achieve a small-scale and highly modular task.

Regarding your query on background automation, you can utilise Simulate activities (click/type).

Thanks in advance,

@Mr_JDavey thanks for reply…it is possible in sequences? Can you explain more details ?

Hi there @Swapnil_Meshram,

I would generally create components, the small-scale and highly modular snippets of functionality in sequences.

These would include a Pre/Post condition as noted, some common examples include:

  • IE - Launch At URL
  • Googlemail - Login Screen - Login
  • Googlemail - Home Screen - Compose Email
  • Googlemail - Compose Email Screen - Send Mail
  • IE - Close

All required values for these components to work, would be passed in, including:

  • URLs
  • Webpage Titles
  • Username/Password
  • Email Subject/Body

The idea being, these can be used in any project, streamlining future development efforts.

At the level above this, I would employ a flowchart, aiming to mimic the business process, where all your business-oriented logic/decision making exists.

Then finally, a state machine at the top, most likely using the ReFramework.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Meshram,

Could you explain what you’re trying to Automate on the web? You could try setting the status within target - “wait for ready” to complete if you have trouble clicking the right element. If you are referring to check whether the result of an action was successful you can use if element(/image) exist followed by an if activity. (Make sure you have set the Boolean variables properly)

Regarding your second question, it again depends on what you want to do. Click and type activities can be done using the simulate type/click checkbox in order to execute it in the background.