Web/App Recorder Visible instead of Recorder in Studio

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I have developing with Uipath since version 2020.4.4 and I am accustomed to seeing the first design pane below(with the Recording icon). However, persons from my team who have recently installed Uipath after version 2021.10.3 came out see the second design pane (with the Web/App Recorder icon). We do experience differences in how studio functions as well.

Do you know the reason for this? Do you know a way of reverting to the older design pane?

You can click “Setting” button in “Project” tab, then disable “Modern Design Experience” to restore to the original layout.

The reason of change is that new features are added.


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You are using Classic design and where as your colleagues using Modern Design.

Have a look below thread to know more about it.

Thanks I got it.

Thanks for the reply and the info. Will definitely check it out.

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