How to turn off modern design experience in Sutio


I want to record image using the recording button but my Studio is in Modern Design experience mode so the recording button does not let me choose image. How to get the old button back? Thank you!

Classic Button:

My Current Button:

In my setting, I can’t find where I can turn off the modern mode:

Hey :slight_smile:
You need switch off this option in ‘design’ tab:

I already switch it off but the button didn’t change. Should I restart the program?

Unfortunately it works for new projects but not backwards

Okay…Then my question would be how do I record Image in modern mode?

But please try in general tab switch off:

It works for current project.

Once I’m in the modern mode, I do not have that option in my general tab. See the screenshot from the first post.

Och. Yes. You’re right. I have available this option on my Community Edition.
Which version do you have ?

Studio 21.4.4. It is a licensed version

Ok. I know what you did wrong :slight_smile:
Please go to the project settings:

and this option will be available :slight_smile:

OHHH!!! Yes!!It works! Thank you! :+1:

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Super :slight_smile:
Could you also mark ‘solution’ in this topic ?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Yes! Many Thanks!

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