We want to extract data table and place it in excel

When we login to client RDP and if we have a application in a browser inside RDP in that application we want to extract data table and place it in excel

Can you pls suggest some ways on how to implement that… Because if it is a normal automation we can use Data Scraping but we want to Scrape data inside remote connection.


Please try using Computer vision activities,



@GOD_OF_PUBG Since it is a citrix automation I guess the existing activities will not work

Approach1 : To automate citrix you can go for image based automation where you need not to install any thing. Please refer to the below to get to know how to do image automation

Approach 2: There is something advance to this which is native citrix and you need to access their servers to do some installations(.msi). Please find the below docs for installation and configuration steps


You can try with Computer Vision Activities

Have a look on the thread