What kind of scraping method will work in remote desktop SQL application?

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I’m trying to work on citrix automation where my applications are present in citrix platform. However there’s a SQL developer application inside citrix workspace that I’m trying to automate and I have to fetch the data.

What scraping method do I ened to use here?

This is the data that I need to scrape

The above highlighted is the application in Citrix storefront


you can install the citrix receiver in that machine, and use citrix automation. Also you can use the computer vision activities with the CV Extract Table Activity.



How the enterprise level API key is used?


go to your orchestrator tenant, then go to Admin → Licenses → Robots and Services → copy or generate new API key for Computer Vision

And then just copy that API key and paste in each CV sreen scope activity


@fernando_zuluaga ,

This is for community edition right? will the enterprise edition have API key?


i shared for enterprise, as you can see in the top next to Licenses head of the screenshot it says “Enterprise Plan”, Also it works for both of them



Great, thanks about that.
Regarding the CV extract data table method, although I used it…now how come I’ll be able to see the output?

Shall I use for each row in Data table to check the output?

The output that I want to see is kind of like the below

How will I see the data in Uipath?

There are many of kinds to see the data

You can use the output data table activity and the use a write line or message box activity to see the output.

Also you can use a write range activity to put that data into an excel file

Also you can use for each row activity and print each row one by one


Hello @BlackCurrant

I think you are trying to do some db automation. Will it be possible to use the Database activities instead of Ui automation on the sql developer???

What are the challenges for that??


I used For-Each row in Data Table to print the output using write line. However it is not working as intended.
Please check the output highlighted -

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Will I be able to use DB automation? This is CV scope activities…now I am trying to fetch data from an application which is inside Citrix storefront.
So how will I extract the table? also DB activities wouldn’t work here right?

Will that db not accessible outside of that Citrix?? If you install sql developer in your machine can you make a connection to that database?? If yes, you can do the automation using database package

Is there a way to export that data, within the SQL app, to a text file? If so, that’s how I would do it. Export the data then read the file into your automation.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

No, apparently the db connections don’t work outside the citrix platform. We specifically have to use the application that is there in Citrix storefront.

@postwick ,

Yes there’s a way to export data. I have to navigate to that option to export it. But eventually, it will export in excel format only.

Okay so that saves half of my work :sweat_smile:

That is working correctly. The datatype of the For Each Row in Datatable is System.Data.Datarow so that’s what CurrentRow’s datatype is.

If you want to see a value from the row, you have to specify the column name:


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@postwick ,

This worked. Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

please close the topic


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