We are launching the RPA Summer School program!

:sun_with_face: Hello summer! Hello RPA!

Today UiPath Community is launching the RPA Summer School program! :boom: :tada:

RPA Summer School (2)

This year the UiPath Community encourages all absolute RPA starters to breeze through automation by kicking off the RPA Summer School program! With no previous RPA knowledge needed, this flexible, live, or self-paced, program is the perfect opportunity to mix easy learning with your relaxed holiday schedules. Throughout the rest of summer, within a total time of 6 hours, you have the chance to become a citizen developer, and learn to automate basic user interface, Excel, Word, Outlook and Gmail tasks with UiPath StudioX.

Register now and flip-flop your way to RPA!

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We are looking into reaching out to all aspiring Citizen Developers out there and offering this great chance of learning the very basics of RPA through a flexible timeline and enjoyable way. We will also empower them into their very first StudioX automations!

We are very proud to have MVP trainers alongside with us for this program: @Nidhi_Chaturvedi @nerlichman @vgbot & @afe.araromi :rocket: :rocket:
They will help us deliver 8 sessions, across 2 timezones, for the rest of summer. So a big thumbs up for your 2021 colleagues!! :clap: :clap:

Please :loudspeaker: share the message onwards :loudspeaker: across your networks and help us increase RPA adoption across the globe, even in summertime (where applicable) :globe_with_meridians: :slight_smile: :sun_with_face:

See you there!


Extremely excited for this :raised_hands:t3::grin:

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Excited about this. My two great people, @Nidhi_Chaturvedi and @afe.araromi, are trainers for the program. :partying_face:


Nice lineup of instructors :slight_smile:

What’s the percentage of UiPath users using StudioX vs regular Studio?


Guys, we are looking for more MVPs or RPA experts on StudioX to insure backup support for the chat questions in Session 1 - it is on 18:00 EDT on Aug 3rd. If you know anyone who is up to the task and willing pls connect with us! Thank you :hugs:


Good question.
I hope there is or will be a summer school for regular Studio too.

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