Want to add one column in Excel and Update Status (Sucess /Fail) For Each Run

I receive mail on outlook and in Each Mail Contains only one Excel Attachment,

That attachment contains only one Row and Have to process Something in One Sequence.
In this I want to add Status column and, in Each run, have to update Status in Each transaction. (Successful/ Unsuccessful).

How we can solve this ?


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a READ RANGE Workbook activity and get the output as a datatable named dt

  2. Now use a ADD DATACOLUMN activity and mention the columnname you want

  3. Then you can update the datatable with status using a assign activity like this

dt.Rows(0)(“Status”) = “your status”

  1. Finally use a WRITE RANGE WORKBOOK activity with ADD HEADERS property enabled and write the datatable back to the Same excel file


Cheers @Ajinya_jorwekar

Hi @Ajinya_jorwekar

=> Use the Use excel file activity and give the path of the excel file.
=> Inside use excel file insert the Insert column activity to insert the new column called status.
=> After Insert column activity insert the for each excel row activity to iterate the each row in the excel.
=> Inside for each excel row insert the Write cell activity to update the status column.

Hope it helps!!

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