How to update the status

In a task, from our excel sheet data, the data should fill in the website. After every row is updated, the new column should be created and the status should be updated in that row. How to do?

In the for each row loop, put an assign currentrow.item(“column_name”) = <your_status>


In assign activity left side give row(“Status”) and in right side give “success” it will automatically update value in specific row. and if you want to create new column then use Add Data Column activity.

Main.xaml (9.0 KB)

practice task 4.xaml (39.6 KB)
in this code, i need to add extra column and for every row, the status should be displayed as “success”.
challenge.xlsx (12.5 KB)
This is the input

Hi @anjani_priya

In the for each row data table loop only at the end of transaction you can use the assign activity like this…!


After that inside the excel application scope you can use the write range activity to write the data to excel sheet and see the results…as you excepted it will show the success for every transaction

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In write range, I wrote currentrow(“status”) but object is not converting into datatable

Hi, use for each row in datatable

No, not like that you have done everything correct based on your case
but in the write range activity you need mention the data table

i have done some change in your code and attaching the xaml please check that

practice task 4.xaml (44.3 KB)

Let me know it’s working or not for you

hi @Praveen_Mudhiraj
Yeah done.Thankyou

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Is there any package for updating the status?like transactions etc.,
Actually we have a package like activitiesteam.robot status but its not suporting for windows11

hi @Praveen_Mudhiraj
In your code, Iam getting the extra column how to remove it

Hi @anjani_priya
challenge.xlsx (12.4 KB)

practice task 4.xaml (29.9 KB)

i was attaching the new xaml and excel sheet here you can try this way instead of using the anchor base and all just use the Type Into Activity and in that only we can provide the anchor

for that you can see the output…!

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